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a surf retreat






the 4 Elements, a citrAyus retreat

Surfing, Yoga, Pilates, Yamuna® Body Rolling

Release, Restoration, Rejuvenation

Siargao Island, Philippines

April 30 - May 5, 2019 


Release, Restore, Rejuvenate

Recognising the holistic balance of body, mind and spirit

offers the possibility of pursuing wellness, 

 authenticity and serenity from within.

Join Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, Sarah Bellagamba and Karen Law as we

Restore the Balance between our active elements within the scope of a Yoga, Pilates & Yamuna® Body Rolling practice, and onto

the diverse, world class, surf breaks of Siargao Island - currently ranked

No. 1 by Condé Naste Traveler among the 30 best islands in the world outside of the U.S. in the Readers' Choice Awards survey.

You are invited to participate in daily movement, fitness & manual  therapy classes that will provide ideas, inspiration and cues towards

maintaining a dynamic alignment off the mat, onto the board.


Earth, Water, Fire, Air

In ancient Greece earth, water, fire and air 

explained the nature and complexity of all matter.

Buddhist texts understood earth (solidity), water (fluidity),

fire (temperature) and air (mobility) as real sensations.

The Chinese elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood were 

understood as types of energy in a state of constant interaction.  

In movement, we are constantly balancing stability,

mobility, fluidity and flow into an active alignment.

We are all made from a web of interconnectivity

- matter, sensations, energy & flow.

True alignment comes when we restore our natural balance.  

We all encompass the elements and the possibility to be at once 

grounded (Earth), light (Air), fluid (Water) & vibrant (Fire).

We are all possessed of wonderful vitality.


citrAyus retreat

Experience daily YOGA classes with Cristina Lopez McLauchlan introducing 

4 elements themed to 4 chakras:

ROOT & EARTH - Rise & Revel (Strength & Stamina)

SACRAL WATER - Liquid Movement (Hips & Shoulders)

SOLAR FIRE - Balancing Desire

HEART & AIR - Open into the Barrel

Explore biomechanical efficiency within a series of PILATES Pre-Surf sessions with Karen Law themed to 4 elements:

EARTH - From the Ground Up

WATER - Fluid Precision

FIRE - Breathe Vitality

AIR - Axial Elongation

Enjoy the breaks of the country's surfing mecca with Carlito Nogalo,

the Philippine's first professional surfer, the country’s best before many

a Filipino riding the surf trend ever picked up a surfboard.    

With Siargao’s new breed of professional surfers following in his

path and earning titles for the country, Carlito and his team 

accompany us to explore the waves they call home. 


Roll out your surf breaks with Sarah Bellagamba's deep tissue

self-massage sessions themed to release any tensions from surfing, 

and to help the body recover for the next day.

YAMUNA® Body Rolling

Postural Evaluations & Private Consultations:

By appointment

Garden to Table Breakfasts

& Welcoming Apéros

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